How to build a Gamification Marketing campaign?

April 3, 2021 — By metariqul

How to build a Gamification Marketing campaign?

Gamification Marketing is the latest and very effective way to engage your audience. This tactic can be used on a website, mobile app or even offline. It is all about making marketing fun for you and your target audience.

It’s no secret that people are much more likely to remember things they learn through play than any other traditional method. Gamification uses this idea by encouraging players to explore content, make decisions, solve problems, compete with others or simply have some fun along the way – hence “play.”

In this post we discover some steps needed in the process of coming up with your own gamification marketing solution


Create a goal for your campaign

Are you trying to increase brand awareness? Newsletter signups? Are you introducing a new product or service coming to market?

What’s more important is to realize when you’ve met your goal. Specific targets and measurable numbers are obviously the best but not all companies have set up perfect Google Analytics. Luckily, with Adacts real-time analytics, we provide a way for campaigns to be measured in real time while working towards meeting those goals!

Choosing the game

When you have set a specific goal then you can choose the actual game

Most common mistake what people do is choose the game before the goal. It should always be done in the order of first the goal, then the game.

That’s because different goals call for different games. Some games should be Informative, so it is clear that the game will provide information while others are more “gameplay” driven.

Text-based games give you a better opportunity for follow-up with your lead after playing the game, while gameplay driven games are focused on branding visuals which helps keep customers remembered longer than just one play session (perfect for a pre-campaign before launching something big to “warm up” the audience).

Simple rule that works most of the time is : If your goal is high conversion and you want to validate your lead we recommend a personality test or a trivia where the lead provides information on their needs through the game. If your goal is high visibility we recommend a gameplay driven game such as a Drop game or Endless runner that keeps players playing for 10+ minutes.

Use as many branded design elements as possible

When adding obstacles for Endless runner, background for a drop game or card tiles for a memory game then be sure to have your logo visible on those elements. You want your audience refer to your game later with: “I played YOUR BRANDs game” not “I played A game”.

There’s little use in creating brand awareness if the brand is not the priority of the interaction!


Make sure the game doesn’t last for too long

An important benefit for gamification marketing is repetition. If a person completes the game several times that shows they experienced some emotion at the end of the game to press “play again”. That emotion is crucial for remembering the brand and the game.

When the game is too long then playing it again might seem too much of a commitment.

At Adact we recommend usually 45s to 60s per gameplay

Closing words

“It’s no secret that the world is addicted to mobile games. But how can marketers tap into this obsession to grow their brands?
Gamification Marketing can help you get people hooked on your brand faster than ever before. With Adact, gamification marketing is easy and fun!
Adact offers a wide range of gaming-inspired marketing campaign templates for building campaigns or running competitions!