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Yes! All you need to do is copy paste a script we provide and add this to your website and everything else is done from our side!

Absolutely! For that you just need to specify the banner size and make sure the game fits on the size. Then add our campaign to the banner via an iFrame

Our systems are designed as GDPR Compliant. All of our data is encrypted so no one besides campaign organizer can freely access collected leads. All of our servers and 3rd party providers reside in Europe. We also provide our standard DPA and Terms and Conditions if you don't have one yourself

We use 3 main types:

  • Text driven games like Trivia, Prediction, Personality Tests
  • Raffle based games like wheel of fortune or Scratchcard and
  • Game based games like endless runner or drop game.

Different games have different use cases so you can be sure you can use Adact for whatever marketing goal you might have!

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