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Customers are saying

Great tool and a great value for money. Other that that, I would really like to thank the team behind the product. We have our own customers success manager who is always there to help us if we need him, they also organize different webinars, send us tips on how to improve our games etc.

Tadej @ Capterra

Adact’s tool not only has a user-friendly interface but also many customizable features, which enable us to create personalized and engaging campaigns for our target audience. As a result, we witnessed a notable increase in Go3 customer engagement and brand awareness. Adact’s customer support team was also exceptional as they were always available to provide us with prompt and helpful support whenever we needed it. Their assistance ensured that our campaigns ran efficiently, and we were able to achieve our marketing goals seamlessly.

Vladas Sapranavičius

We were very, very satisfied with the results. The time spent in the gamified ad was long, repetitive, and the traffic was very high quality. People also clicked to the e-store, where the conversion rate of purchases was a surprising 1.27%!

Mari Liis Kullamaa

Mari-Liis Kullamaa

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