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Elisa BitDefender Telecom Marketing strategy interactive marketing campaign
Campaign ideas

Bringing Cyber Security To The Masses: Telecom Marketing Case Study

We can all admit, that now, almost 30 years later we can’t imagine our life without technology. As this technology evolution might have been rapid, so have also grown the dangers of Cyber Security. That’s where a telecommunications company like Elisa comes into play.

Digital Marketing Campaign for ISIC with the Flappy Bird game effect
Campaign ideas

The Flappy Bird Effect – Finding success in gamification nostalgia

The public sector can bring great examples of inevitable struggles within one industry. With it’s communication complexities with young people presents unique challenges. From a potential digital divide to trust issues and the struggle to make information relevant, traditional approaches often fall short. Recognizing these hurdles, the Federation of Estonian Student Unions (EÜL) chose a creative approach: interactive marketing. This is their story.

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I like how easy it is to set up games, anyone could do it. And it does not take as much time as one would imagine. And the team is so helpful, i love their customer support, they answer right away and try to find us the best solutions.

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I really enjoyed the variety of games available on the Adact platform. It gave us the freedom of choice to create a personalized campaign for each occasion. As an international company, we really appreciated the multi-language campaign functionality that lets us translate campaigns with a click of a button.

Manana Khokhashvili

The Customer Service was a standout. Our consultant was excellent. We were operating in Australia so there was a significant time difference, however she answered our calls and messages extremely quickly whenever we needed support – both when we were developing the game, and also when we were running it. She made sure she was available on the days of our events so everything went smoothly.

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Create 50+ unique gamified solutions with Adact

Our team has spent over 24,800 hours creating fun and engaging gamification experiences for any event so you can easily launch campaigns without needing to write any code.

Trivias & Questionnaires

This category of experiences revolves around asking questions from your audience and getting responses.

There are dozens of unique ways to ask questions and Adact enables all of them.

Regardless if you want to launch a Trivia and award the smartest people or create a Personality Test to promote your products – Adact has all of the unique gamified marketing approaches!

Branded Minigames

Adact enables you to enter a brand new world of marketing – Game based marketing.

You can use popular games but fill them with your own branding and have users compete for prizes or top spots in the leaderboards.

Average engagement length can exceed 30 minutes per person on your website!

Each game can be designed and created in 10 minutes or less!

Lotteries & Raffles

Gamified Lotteries produce much better results compared to just handing out discounts.

Winning a prize feels good and people are more likely to redeem the prize if they won it. 

This enables interesting raffle mechanics where users are invested into the prize they received!

Gamified Surveys

Adact comes with arguably the best survey tool on the market.

There are 13 unique questions types which are all filled with unique and interesting mechanics which other popular platforms do not offer.

On top of that the entire survey landing page and content will be your branded!

Our survey response rates exceed 80% regularly!

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