Lotteries & Raffles

Gamified Lotteries produce much better results compared to just handing out discounts.

Winning a prize feels good and people are more likely to redeem the prize if they won it.

This enables interesting raffle mechanics where users are invested into the prize they received!

4.8 / 5

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Digital Scratchcard

Scratch cards are moving from Offline to Online! You can now have your own digital scratch card raffle without any coding! Just upload which image

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Wheel of Fortune

This is the most effective Lead Generation campaign over the last 10 years and will be for the next 20 years Wheel of fortune is

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Open the Box

Sometimes you simply want to hand our prizes, coupon codes, discount codes but there should always be some extra interaction behind it. In this campaign

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Advent Calendar

In Advent Calendar your players will open a new door every day, week or any other time you wish. Behind each door they either play

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In this Raffle game the players drop an object down from top of the screen and it bounces between different pegs to eventually land into

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