How Swedbank engaged their customers during Christmas using digital advent calendar

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Swedbank Christmas gamification solution featuring digital Advent Calendar

As we all know, Christmas is a time of giving. And what could be more fun than receiving a gift or playing a different game every day in the lead-up to Christmas? Fortunately, Swedbank didn’t wait until December 1st – our digital advent calendar is available all year round! Simply open up the calendar each day and you’ll find a new game or prize waiting for you. So go ahead and mark it down as one of the best ways to engage customers during Christmas!

What does Swedbank do?​

Swedbank is a modern financial services platform focused on customer satisfaction. Their goal is to encourage people to save for a better future. They aim to help people, businesses and society to grow by promoting a healthy and sustainable economy.

With 7.4 million private customers and more than 600,000 corporate and organisational customers, they have a leading position in their home markets of Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. That position also enables them to offer their employees great opportunities to grow and develop.

How did they use the advent calendar?

So how does this digital advent calendar work? The digital advent calendar is literally what the name says. Behind every door, there is a new game or a prize and as we all know, people love to play games and win prizes!

So it seems, the digital advent calendar is an ingenious marketing tool that Swedbank has used to great success. Last Christmas, they set out on a mission: create and launch a digital advent calendar consisting of 24 different games within 3 days! To our surprise (and theirs), the team managed 100x more engagement than usual while getting over 140 000 gameplays in just 24 days – allowing them celebrate early this year around December 24th instead of waiting until January 1st as normal tradition dictates.

Advent calendar schedule

They couldn’t have done it better. This highly engaging campaign type made people come back and interact with their branded content around 16-18 days out of 24, which is perfect for increasing engagement and collecting leads! With this kind marketing activity on their side we could easily see how Swedbank’s marketing team managed to collect 24000 potential new customers in no time at all.

How can you get started with gamification?

There’s never been a better time to start your campaign. The digital advent calendar is a luck-based game which allows you to engage your customers with daily games and prizes. You can create an account and build your own digital advent calendar campaign in a couple of days with our drag-and-drop-based software! All you need are some ideas of what kind of campaigns you want to include in the calendar, and then launch away. It won’t be long until you’ll be able to turn those first players into loyal fans!

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