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Many companies struggle with how to create an engaging environment for their booth visitors. Who says that an IT company’s exhibition booth can’t be highly engaging? Astro Baltics found the perfect solution in a basketball game. 

What does Astro Baltics do?

Astro Baltics is an Estonian based IT-company with 24 years of experience. They possess a strong competency in both software and hardware, allowing them to combine the two even in the most complicated cases. Their strength lies in our long experience in the IT sector. Astro Baltics’ consultants can be characterized by extensive professional knowledge and experience in their field. This enables them to provide modern and flexible solutions, making their customer’s everyday work more comfortable and efficient.

How did Astro Baltics design their exhibition booth?

Their goal was to have something fun and eye-catching in their sTARTUp day booth, but also to collect emails for further hiring purposes. Since they have a lot of sports people among their staff, they chose basketball. The game was easy and fun, and it appealed to both younger and older visitors. 

The game was a big hit among the visitors and it brought a lot of people to our booth. Younger visitors enjoyed the game as it was something age-appropriate for them to do while their parents were doing “business”. Other visitors took the game as a nice little break from their workday, including ourselves. And of course, there were people who were there just to win prizes. 

The feedback from the people was good: they said the game was addicting, a fun element to these days filled with important information and intense socializing and a cool place to come back to from time to time. It really helped us to connect with potential clients on a more personal level.

How did they get participants to play?

They turned a big touchscreen vertically and added a frame to the screen that resembled a smartphone. This way it looked like you were using a giant mobile app. It looked fantastic and it definitely got people to check it out more than it would have with just a regular screen. And of course, the prizes were shown on the front page, so they just had to come and try.

In addition to unique game design, they focused on one crucial part in any trade show – active sales work. Their sales team had mentally prepared for doing active live sales, as in pulling in customers, who pass by the booth. With all this combined, they managed to collect 5x leads compared to other traditional methods.


How you can use gamify your booth?

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