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Matthias Merelaine
Adact is committed to helping businesses unlock the benefits of gamification marketing, including the ability to generate 4-7x more leads, acquire more qualified leads, and differentiate themselves from competitors. Adact’s campaigns have demonstrated an impressive conversion rate, with approximately 83% of customers becoming leads.

This summer our CEO and founder Kalev Kärpuk had a chance to sit down with Bethenny Carl from Website Planet. They discussed how Adact started, how we stand out from the competition and what opportunities and challenges he sees in the future of gamification marketing. This is an excerpt from their conversation.

What is gamification marketing and how does it work?

Adact is the world’s leading gamification platform that supports brands by turning their target audience into engaged customers in just 30 minutes without writing a single code. The platform offers a variety of interactive game solutions that companies can personalize, and use for their marketing campaign or HR purposes. Adact and its team are committed to helping businesses unlock the benefits of gamification marketing, including generating 4-7x more leads, acquiring more qualified leads, and differentiating themselves from competitors. Adact’s clients’ campaigns have impressive conversion rates, with approximately 83% of customers becoming leads.

How did it all start, and what are Adact’s achievements to this day?

When I was in Singapore, I stumbled upon a company that I can’t quite remember the name of. They specialized in creating tablets that offered various marketing games. I recall having done similar things for businesses in the USA before, and I’m well aware of the time and cost involved in creating such solutions and the positive results they can yield. I was really intrigued by their concept and idea. Once you develop a gamified solution, you place it in cinemas or stores, and people passing by don’t just watch your advertisement; instead, they engage interactively by playing games or answering questions. It got me thinking, and I reached out to some friends to explore the potential of creating a similar system. The idea was to develop this solution once and then use the same base for multiple brands, with minor design adjustments. That’s how the initial idea was born.

In the fall of 2019, we decided to establish our company after securing our first investment from Startup Wise Guys. Interestingly, their investment came with an unspoken condition that we needed to pivot from our current business model. They seemed more interested in investing in our team and people rather than the product itself. Initially, our concept revolved around using tablets in physical locations like stores, but we faced some challenges with it. As time went on, we eventually made a significant shift in our approach around February and decided to forgo the physical tablets altogether and focus solely on developing our software. This was probably the first biggest achievement. Now, we have worked with prominent brands like Starbucks, KIA, Gucci, Coca-Cola, A1, and so on. It’s constant learning, but the more demanding the customer, the fiercer the result.

What are some success stories from your customers? What was their pain point, and what results did they get thanks to Adact?

One of my favourite examples is Cipsi, a potato chip brand. They launched a public competition where people could vote all across the country, on which specific product should return to the stores. But instead of a classic landing page, they had a game where people were voting on the products just like swiping on Tinder. If you wish for the product to return then swipe right. Each week the lowest 5 products would fall out of the competition. This competition had over 20+K participants per week and was a huge success.

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