8 Easter Marketing Ideas to Rock Your Promotion Campaign [Updated 2024]

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The Easter holiday is a profitable time for the eCommerce sector, with 80% of celebrating the holiday and spending $20.8 billion in 2022 only in the US. With the help of some creative Easter marketing ideas, you will manage to connect with your ideal customers and increase sales. 

To boost customer engagement and increase conversion this Easter holiday, we have compiled a list of our favorite ideas and actionable tips to help with your Easter marketing campaigns. 

How to start planning Easter Gamification Activities

The first step in planning any Gamified Easter campaign activities is to decide which of the following three you would want to focus on:

  • Game Based Marketing activity for Easter – Here you would create a playable game for your audience in the Easter theme. You can take a look at an example below on a gamified Easter campaign case study
  • Interactive Content based activity – Create a quiz, puzzle, personality test or anything that revolves around asking questions or testing the knowledge of your audience
  • Lottery / Raffle – Perhaps you would want to create a gamified promotion to award prizes during the Easter season

You can use Adact to create any of the previously mentioned gamified campaign without writing any code and launch them in 1 day!

Below I will present ideas for each of the categories that you can use for Easter marketing.

Easter Gamification Marketing Campaign case study

In this case study you can see how Eggo created a Easter Candy Crush campaign that generated nearly 200 000 gameplays in just a couple of weeks in a very small market size. 

If you were to launch the campaign in the US or any larger market than Estonia, expect to have well over 1 500 000 gameplays for your Easter gamification campaign.

A story on how you can market everything through gamification

Just recently an egg producer in Estonia called Eggo launched a gamification marketing campaign that achieved mind-blowing results. When they shared the results with us even we, the experienced gamification wizards didn’t believe these results. Nevertheless, they were very true. So… How in earth did they achieve these results? First, let’s take a look at the gamification marketing principles they used in their campaign.

Read More »

1. Game Based Marketing ideas for Easter

Using game based marketing is in by far the best way to get 100x higher engagement from your audience.

Higher engagement means

  • 200x more time spent on your website – On average the game based marketing activities generate ~10 minutes of activity per person. It is not possible to generate those numbers with any other type of marketing.
  • 50% higher lead generation rate – Including a registration form to your campaign will yield double the number of new contacts because you are exchanging an experience with lead information. People are more open to sharing information if you can give them something in return. In this case you are giving them a game in return to play.
  • 80% higher prize redemption rates – through gameplay people earn the prizes. By earning and winning a prize, people do not want to lose them. And not using them is basically losing your winnings. 

Any game mechanic available in Adact can be turned into an Easter game. Below I will give you 3 ideas but if none of these suit you, feel free to get in touch and we will generate custom ideas specifically for your business needs!

2. Interactive Content for Easter Marketing

Using a Match 3 type game is an excellent engagement booster to not only present your visitors a fun activity but also include a competitive leaderboard that can be used to decide who wins the prizes.

It is very simple to setup and requires no knowledge of game design or any previous experience with Gamification marketing campaigns. Here’s how you would set it up.

Step 1: Create 4 egg images and 1 background.

In this example I will use the following images:

Step 2: Add them to Adact Software

As you can see from the right you would just need to drag and drop them into the game and the game is completed!

It is impossible to create gamification marketing branded minigame simpler than that!

Step 3: Create the landing page

As with creating the game, designing the landing page is also 100% no coding. I just drag and drop the elements in place that I want to use in the campaign.

I could use various different elements such as Images, Videos, Social Media buttons and much more options in customizing your campaign look and feel. I’ve used a free commercially available background image for Easter and filled it with Adact landing page design from the Adact gamification marketing software. As always there is no need to do any coding. Everything is just drag and drop.

You can also change the flow of when the visitor is presented with some information. This is the flow I used

  • Start Screen – here I introduce the game and include the registration form.
  • Game Screen – This is where the game happens.
  • End screen – The screen that people see when the game is finished
But you can also include an extra screen before the Game – use it as a tutorial or to ask additional information. You can also place a custom Prize screen after the game. In this case people can see different information based on their score in the game!

I also suggest using a leaderboard and placing it at the end screen. This way I can also invite people to play again to improve their score! 

Here’s how my setup looks like

Step 4 - Publish and integrate the campaign

Common question asked when creating gamified marketing campaigns is where can people participate and play the game? 

There are several options to have your campaign playable and below I will demonstrate most of them.

Option 1: Use Adact Landing page

By default Adact provides you with a landing page – you would only need to direct your audience to this page for people to participate. 

But there’s more!

Option 2: Widget

Notice the little widget on the bottom left of your screen? Or if you are viewing on mobile then it was difficult not to see. Try clicking on it and notice the campaign opens up from the side panel.

That’s the second option which we also recommend using if people are visiting your website anyway!

Option 3: Embed the campaign to your website

You can take the entire gamified campaign and just copy paste 1 line of code and it now appears in your website wherever you designate!

Give it a try – the easter gamification campaign example is playable straight from this blog post!

More game based ideas

Adact has over 60 unique game mechanics so I wont be covering all of them but it is important to note that now that I have my design materials – I can just reuse them in any other game mechanic without changing a thing!

Let me show you some examples:

In Bubble Shooter the players shoot the eggs to eliminate rows by getting 3 in a row

In Stacking game the players try to release the eggs to build the highest tower

In Whack A Mole the players need to click on the eggs as they appear to score points

Whats great is all of these game mechanics works very well! Just choose the one you want to use and launch it!

If you are unsure which one to choose just book a time and we will help you make the decision!

2. Interactive gamified content for Easter Marketing

In these types of solutions you would create a Quiz or a knowledge based trivia game to invite people to participate and see whether they know all the right answers.

Below I will provide a couple of ideas Adact recommends for Easter holidays!

Easter Word Puzzle Game

Much like looking for easter eggs during Easter. In this campaign you can hide words in a maze for people to find. 

This gamified marketing game type is onpoint for the holiday theme and can be a great addition to your marketing materials.

See if you can find all the words below!

Easter Quiz Game

Innovative marketing strategies are crucial to catch and retain consumer attention. Using a Trivia game as part of an Easter gamification marketing campaign presents a unique and engaging way to connect with your audience.

Firstly, trivia games are universally appealing and easily adaptable to a diverse audience, making them a perfect fit for Easter—a time of joy and family-friendly activities. The inclusion of Easter-themed questions can enhance brand recall by associating your products or services with the festive spirit.

Moreover, trivia games naturally encourage participation and social interaction, which can lead to increased customer engagement and a stronger online presence. This interaction not only fosters a sense of community among your customers but also provides valuable insights into their preferences and behaviors.

By incorporating rewards or incentives, such as special Easter discounts or exclusive access to new products, you create a compelling reason for customers to interact with your brand.

Furthermore, a well-designed trivia game can be easily shared across social media platforms, extending your reach and increasing brand visibility.

In essence, an Easter Trivia game is not just a marketing tool; it’s an entertaining way to create memorable experiences, deepen customer loyalty, and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

3.Easter Holiday Lottery / Raffle game

A wheel of fortune is an effective gamification option to engage a target audience on your website. By spinning the wheel, you can offer customers a chance to win a discount, gift or a unique code.

It is simple to collect data when you invite players to click a button, spin a wheel or start a jackpot to win a prize. They will have to fill out a form with their details in case they win, and you can also add an option where they can sign in for your newsletter.

Adact enables you to do various different lottery types such as Wheel of Fortune, Digital Scratchcard or even opening a prize chest to reveal what is inside!

Click here to view all the campaign types you can create using Adact.

8 Bonus ideas

Below are even more ideas to consider when including gamification to your marketing activities in 2024

1. Plan a virtual Easter egg hunt

You can engage your customers and encourage them to spend while they have fun by holding an online Easter egg hunt.

You can plan an egg hunt within your store, placing exclusive codes in your store so customers can discover them and access your online campaign. Another idea would be to hide the codes on your website. When customers find the eggs by clicking on them, the cookies can recognize them and offer them a discount.

2. Organize a photo contest

People love photo contests with fantastic spring colors. Use the opportunity to launch a photo contest as your marketing campaign strategy. 

Invite users to submit their best Easter photos, including prizes or free bundles for the winners. Some of the Easter photo challenges may include:

  • Easter egg photos
  • Easter bunny photos
  • Easter basket photos
  • Outdoor photos

Related: Spring Marketing Ideas

3. Promotional puzzles

Promotional puzzles are ideal for retaining the curiosity of your target customers for a more extended period. It is easier to get people glued on promotional puzzles for several minutes than other expensive promotional advertisements.

When a person solves a puzzle on your site, it can boost brand recognition and create a preference for your brand. 

4. Memory Games

Memory games boost your target audience’s engagement with the product and services rapidly. They are also beneficial for collecting data and increasing website signups.

5. Egg battle

You can create an egg battle asking your customers to choose a funnier Easter game or a more creative egg.

Later you can also include a leaderboard of the most popular choices for increased engagement!

6. Swipe Polls

Use a swipe poll to generate engagement by having your customers think about all those amusing situations during Easter. You can upload images of those situations and ask your customers if it’s ever happened to them, making them reminisce about the good times.

Just like in Tinder – people swipe left or right whether they agree or disagree with your statement. Again you can use a leaderboard to highlight the options that were chosen most often!

See also how you can make your Mother’s day campaign memorable with Adact.

7. Create a 'Happy Easter' email with a video greeting

Create an Easter-themed email and send it to your customers. Customize your Easter email by adding images with chicks and bunnies to your regular email. Ensure that the email has a compelling message or video that will intrigue your subscribers.

You can spice it up and even include questions inside the video with the Interactive Video format Adact enables.

Just upload the video and mark when the video should stop to ask a question. 

May is just around the corner – bookmark our best May marketing ideas!

8. Create Easter-Themed pop-ups

You can create an Easter countdown or gamified pop-ups to help increase conversions through the Easter promotions. Design your pop-up in decorative spring colors to draw attention to the Easter season. You can also use Easter email pop-ups to update your customers on your company’s progress and new products.

All the campaigns you create with Adact can be included as pop-ups on your website as well! So even this exact example below can be created without any coding or technical knowledge


Whether you run an established business or are just starting out, Easter is an excellent opportunity to boost sales and engage with customers. The above Easter marketing ideas will increase creativity and boost your Easter marketing strategy. Identify the best channels to incorporate your Easter promotion ideas and use interactive games to make your brand stand out and attract more customers.

At Adact we will help you create different games to integrate your Easter marketing strategy. Sign up for our Adact today to make your Easter campaigns more memorable and fun. 

Easter marketing ideas: FAQ

How do you market Easter?

Encourage your target audience by running an Easter marketing campaign through the following:

  1. Game-based marketing
  2. Interactive Content
  3. Lotteries or giveaways.
  4. Planning a virtual egg hunt
  5. Hosting contests
  6. Creating interactive games
  7. Offering a ‘Happy Easter’ email with a video greeting
  8. Giving away Easter Cookbook
  9. Creating Easter-themed pop-ups
  10. Rewarding your customers
  11. Offering limited edition Easter bundles

What are some things that businesses do for Easter?

For creative marketing, most businesses offer Easter holiday promotions, create Easter egg hunts, launch limited edition Easter bundles and hold social media contests. 

What is an Easter egg in advertising?

Easter eggs are hidden messages that customers can find in a store or company website. Businesses use this to attract customers to their stores or encourage them to spend time on their website and win rewards such as discount codes

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