How Euronics Estonia engaged its customers with gamification

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Euronics used gamification to promote new Samsung products - gamification

Who says marketing has to be boring? Certainly not the team at Euronics Estonia, who came up with a creative and fun way to engage their customers with gamification. By turning routine information about products into a game, Euronics was able to capture the attention of their audience and promote Samsung products in a unique way.

What does Euronics do?

Euronics is a member of the largest retail group in the world, operating in the home appliances and consumer electronics sectors. Every day their 650 employees across the Baltics inspire, guide, and help millions of people to live a better life in a world that’s becoming more connected. 

Their motto is “We don’t talk tech, we talk human”. This is because they know that ‘electronics’ isn’t about nuts, bolts, and wires but about making people’s lives better and more convenient.

How did they use gamification?

Euronics Estonia was looking for something different than regular information and selling campaigns. Instead, they were looking for more engaging choices. This is when they found Adact and gamification.

They chose the campaign type called “Tower stacking” due to its easy game mechanics and high engagement possibility. It seemed like a good way to introduce and showcase new Samsung products that they wanted to sell – the new Galaxy Watch 5, Samsung Fold 4, Flip4 and headphones Buds 2 Pro. So… they designed tower blocks to be these products. This way players are forced to interact with Samsung products.

According to the player’s feedback people really liked to stack Samsung products and seemed to enjoy it very much. This explains why they got approximately 45K landing page visitors, a 35% bounce rate, 30K games started and 3200 unique leads. One user even played it over 1800 times!

Euronics tower stack gamification campaign

Why was their campaign successful?

Gamification helps to keep the focus on a specific thing or activity. Compared to social media posts where an average engagement time is 3-5 seconds, with gamification it is approximately 40-60 seconds. In Euronics’ case on average a single interaction lasted for 55 seconds and one player played their campaign game approximately 9.4 times. The engagement time is around 100x times higher than usually!

The game can be highly engaging and but for the person to make the first step towards completing the game, they need some extra motivation. This is where we recommend having at least some sort of prize(s). This doesn’t mean that you have to raffle out a car or a free vacation, you can simply give a small prize to all players who finish the game, or raffle something bigger amongst TOP50 players.

How can you get started with gamification?

There’s never been a better time to start your campaign. Wheel of Fortune is a luck-based game which allows you to give out prizes or coupon codes to every player. You can create an account and build your own wheel of fortune campaign in a couple of hours with our drag-and-drop-based software! All you need are some ideas of what kind of campaigns work best for you, and then launch away. You’ll be able to turn those first players into loyal fans before long enough that they will tell all their friends just how awesome this game is.

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