How To Make a Puzzle Game in Minutes Without Coding Skills in 2024

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Did you know you can use puzzles to engage customers with your brand? Puzzles encourage your target audience to solve problems by focusing on your branded image. 

But the hard part is making a puzzle game without breaking a sweat. In this article, we’ll show you how to make a puzzle game in minutes using no-code gamification software. You’ll also learn about gamification marketing, its benefits and how puzzle games work.

Let’s enter the game world!

How does Gamification Marketing Software help?

Gamification marketing involves using game design elements to increase brand awareness, customer retention and engagement.

Gamification software can drive consumers to perform specific actions by engaging them and offering elements of competition and rewards. With a gamification marketing, it also allows you to modify your marketing campaigns into branded games. People can interact better with your brand through games than by reading ads about a product.

Gamification marketing is an easier way to promote your products and services via gamification to customers in the following ways:

  • Offering customers a chance to earn a reward in exchange for their contact details
  • Include your product images as integral part of the game experience
  • Your audience and customers will interact with your marketing game for over 5 minutes on average
  • Using the customer data you obtain to run marketing campaigns, e.g., you can increase your marketing e-mail open rate and click through rate if there is a gamified experience, offer discounts or send them your business newsletters

Benefits of Gamification Marketing

I’ve covered the benefits of gamification marketing in detail on the blog post listed here.

An overview of the benefits is listed below but feel free to delve into more detail from the blog post.

  • Improves and increases engagement
  • Helps to gather valuable customer data
  • Drives conversion rates
  • Makes the promotional offers more interesting
  • Educates customer about your products or services using trivia games or interactive quizzes
  • Encourages customers to return

Puzzle games: how they work & benefits

In a puzzle game your audience will try to solve a Jig-saw puzzle from the image that you choose. 

The puzzle can be anywhere from 3×3 grid to 9×9 grid. 

With the increasing popularity of Jig-saw puzzles with even the world championships people are more into solving such puzzles than ever before!

Did you know

Jig-saw puzzles have become increasingly popular over the last years. The World Championships of Jigsaw Puzzles is held in Spain every year where individuals can solve a 500 piece Jig-saw puzzle as fast as in 30 minutes and 38 seconds!

Players must fit separate pieces together to have a completed puzzle.

Some benefits of puzzles include:

  • Increase problem-solving skills. By using logic to master patterns and game objects, our brains can develop problem-solving skills.
  • Improve visual and reasoning ability. Through challenging puzzles, our brain learns to memorize and focus, thus increasing our visual and reasoning skills.
  • Make our brain release dopamine. Solving puzzles produces a neurotransmitter that balances our mood and concentration, making it easier to complete a whole game without difficulty.

How to make a custom puzzle game with Adact

With gamification software like Adact, you can create and run puzzles online. The platform uses cloud-based services to help you make an in-game marketing campaign only you can analyze and control.

1. Upload an image

The first step is to upload your image, such as your branded image, to increase brand awareness. On the right side of your screen, Adact gives you a preview of your puzzle game board, and on the left, you have options on where to drop and upload your image.

In the example below we uploaded an Image of Adact featuring our mascot Addy in various different positions.

Here are some other things you can modify with the image:

  • Hint Opacity – Shows the solved image on the background of the puzzle and specify how well is it shown.
  • Hint Border Color – shows the outline of the correct piece on the background
  • Piece Visual border – The border color and thickness of the puzzle pieces 

2. Choose the number of pieces & set a timer

With Adact, you can also choose the number of puzzle pieces you want and set a timer for completing each level.

You can have it the puzzles have between 3 to 5 rows and 3 to 5 columns.

Why not more? Because 80% of your gamified marketing campaign participants solve the puzzle on mobile device. If you would have 9×9 grid then the pieces would be very hard to solve on a mobile device.

Set the time, how long a player has to solve the entire puzzle. We recommend to have ample time to solve the puzzle if it is 5×5 grid. When using a 3×3 grid then you can freely turn it into a speed-race and set the time limit to 15 seconds! 

There should always be a feeling of challenge with all gamified marketing campaigns. With a 5×5 the feeling comes from multiple pieces while in 3×3 the feeling comes from time pressure.

3. Create an interactive Landing Page

Again you can do everything inside Adact software. You can create the landing page design, content, background images and more without any coding using Adact.

Adact gamification tool allows you to customize your game by choosing different options, such as changing the background, game size, registration form data, custom fonts, icons, videos, logos, placement, animations and so much more.

Bonus: Get a personal example made by Adact

We are happy to help you set up the entire game and provide you a custom made example over a short call

4. Inspire healthy competition with a leaderboard

Most students report a positive attitude towards using leaderboards for gamification in education to increase motivation. You can also apply this to customers.

Adact allows you to create puzzles that inspire healthy competition by gauging and ranking your users. You can create a leaderboard to rate and monitor the player’s progress based on their performance.

Each leaderboard can be equipped with either showing the score, the time it took to solve the puzzle, or a combination of both.

By default the leaderboard is sorted by score and if the score is tied then the faster solver becomes the winner! The score is calculated based on the number of moves made and how long did it take from the competitor to solve the puzzle

5. Publish your custom puzzle game

Adact gives you two several ways to publish your game when sharing your puzzle. 

By default as soon as you have created your puzzle game, Adact has produced a custom landing page for you. You can use our provided landing page and direct people to that page via social media, newsletters, paid advertisement, QR code – you name it.

4 ways how to add gamification to your website

First you can publish your custom puzzle on our domain by creating your brand landing page on the Adact domain. Use the drag-and-drop features to publish the puzzle.

Secondly you can integrate the puzzle to your website or even in the middle of your website content. To do so, you will copy a single line of code from our Adact puzzle generator to your website and the custom puzzle will instantly appear.

Thirdly you can even create an entirely new subpage to your website dedicated to Adact campaigns. This automatically publishes all the games in your desired subpage!

Lastly you can create a widget to your website. When visitors click on the widget, the campaign can either open from the side of the page or as a popup.

The Adact domain is more appropriate for your audience since once they land on the page, they only have the option to play the game. 
The Adact domain has no traffic distractions, increasing user engagement and campaign results. It is also a faster way to publish your puzzle.

Adact Tip

The campaigns perform best if the only thing to do in that page is to participate in the campaign.

The Adact domain is more appropriate for your audience since once they land on the page, they only have the option to play the game. It has no traffic distractions, increasing user engagement and campaign results. It is also the fastest way to publish your puzzle.

6. Analyze your gamification campaign

After you identify the main objective for using Adact gamification, you can analyze your campaign. Adact uses real-time analytics to measure your goal achievements. It observes the following metrics to examine your campaign:

  • Number of clicks on your landing page
  • Number of active game players
  • Completion rate of the puzzle games
  • The time spent solving a puzzle
  • How many participants won a prize
  • How often they clicked any buttons
  • Where did the visitors arrive to your campaign
  • Leaderboard of all scores

Adact offers many other interactive games that can improve your marketing efforts. See our guides on:


Game development doesn’t have to be hard. If you want to enhance your marketing strategies by creating puzzles, Adact can help you do just that in minutes without coding skills. You can customize it to fit your brand, choose the number of pieces, set a timer and create a leaderboard to increase motivation further. Sign up today and explore the future of gamification marketing!

How to make a puzzle game: FAQs

How to make a puzzle game?

To create a puzzle game:
1. Decide the type of interactive game you want
2. Choose a no-code game maker like Adact
3. Upload an image, choose the number of puzzle pieces and set a timer 
4. Customize your puzzle with your no-code game maker and publish it
5. Create a leaderboard to inspire healthy competition

Are puzzle games good for your brain?

Solving an online or a jigsaw puzzle game enhances brain cell connections to improve mental speed and memory and increases the production of dopamine, which balances mood, concentration and memory.

How long does it take to make a puzzle without coding?

The average time to make one puzzle using Adact takes 10 minutes.

With traditional coding methods takes around 80 hours with 40 hours of coding and 40 hours of project management. With average rates this comes to around ~€8000/$9000

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