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New game: Multiple path quiz

New Game is available - Multiple Path Quiz

The most popular request thus far has been to create a quiz where each option can lead to different questions. 

We dare you to find anywhere online where this sort of a quiz can be created via a simple user interface while also being possible to fully brand the experience.

Spoiler alert: You can now do it in Adact!

Step 1 - Create your starting question

Either edit the default questions or delete them to add your own question. Just as in a Trivia game you can have any number of options that players can choose from.

In Multiple Path Quiz you can now also connect each option to specific question! You can make that selection from after the question option dropdown.

In this example our starting question is “How old are you?”

Game visuals and rules

Step 2 - Add your follow up questions and results

Now you can go on and add all the questions you wish to ask in the game.

You can have any number of questions where each question separates to its own path or comes back to join an existing path.

We suggest first drawing the entire game question flow on a piece of paper so it’s easier to replicate in Adact once you know which questions you want to ask!

Beware that having a lot of different paths can eventually make it hard to navigate. That’s why we have  also included a visual guide that you can use to “play through” your game flow. See on the next step

Game visuals and rules

Step 3 - View your game flow

To make sure every question leads to the right place, you can play through the game by clicking on any of the question “eye” icon. There you can click through different options and see which question leads to where

Game flow

Step 4 - Launch your multiple path quiz game!

Everything else works exactly like you have been used to in Adact. Design your landing page, publish the campaign and collect leads!

Try our example out below