New Game Released – Prediction Game

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Kristiina Beljajev

We’re excited to launch a new gamification marketing approach to include in your yearly activities. This time we are introducing a Prediction Game!

You can enable your audience to predict about future events and award them later once you learn what are the correct answers.

3 ideas on how to use prediction game in marketing

We have compiled three unique ideas that you can create right now to use in your interactive communication either with your customers, colleagues or even stakeholders!

Guess how many objects in a container

Include an image of a container either in your social media, marketing banners or even a physical location and invite people to guess how many objects are inside.

People are redirected to your newly created Adact campaign and register their guess.

Once the campaign is over you can include a +/- range of the correct answer and award prizes to those that came closest!

Christmas Prediction Game – Guess what will happen in the last days of Christmas

Here we even created an example for you to give your own guesses about last month of 2023. Try it out below!

This is an excellent choice to bring a new approach to gamification Christmas marketing campaign that invites people from all ages to participate!

HR prediction gamification campaign for Employee Engagement

Yes you can use Prediction games even for Engaging your colleagues and employees.

Who will be the first to take a sick leave next year? Who would be the first to be promoted? When will our company get a new employee?

Engaging employees and making them interact with each other through gamification solutions in HR helps to keep employees happy proactively!

How to build a prediction game in Adact?

Adact enables you to build the experience with different types of questions. You can mix and match and choose any number of questions of any type to include in your personalized gamification campaign.

Choose your questions

The options are a follows:

The variety of questions types allows you to predict about anything!

Setup your game visuals

In the game setup you can add questions and design all of the question options.

As always there is no coding involved and you can include as many questions as you want to. Choose your own fonts, colors and brand language that matches your CVI.

Mark the correct answers

A new panel is called “Correct Answers” – There you can save all the correct answers once you know them and submit them for calculations!

You can also mark the correct answers as the events unfold so you can keep live track on who is leading the race!


For each individual question type there’s a dedicated analytics view to give you real-time results on how people are predicting.

All the correct answers will be marked green and all people who chose that option will receive their points.

You can also include a public leaderboard so all the participants will also have a real-time overview of how good their predictions have been!


Prediction game is just one of the possible unique gamification marketing solutions possible to create with Adact.

We are happy to give you a personalized tour where we not only showcase different options but will also provide you with ideas what you can create for your business!

In the meeting, we will take a look at ADACT, discuss different game ideas and how gamification can help reach your marketing goals.

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In the meeting, we will take a look at ADACT, discuss different game ideas and how gamification can help reach your marketing goals.

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