15 Fun Work Trivia Games Your Employees Will Love

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Fun work trivia games

Imagine it’s a Monday afternoon and your team has been a little off their game lately. They seem disconnected and less engaged than usual. We have just the solution—work trivia games!

We are all looking for a way to entertain our daily work lives while staying productive and growing in the workplace. Maybe we feel semi-distant and estranged from our workmates. A virtual trivia night can be just what the doctor ordered to put a little fun back into the workplace.

Virtual trivia apps and an interactive games platform like Adact can now bring trivia nights to you. Use gamification to create digital trivia games your employees will love and engage with!

What is gamification?


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Gamification has become a well-known buzzword within the online community—but what does it mean?

Gamification is the adaptation of game-related characteristics, particularly those linked with user experience and engagement, to non-game situations.

Gamification, the unicorn of modern marketing, is most commonly used in marketing campaigns. However, this enjoyable tool’s capabilities go much further than just marketing. You can apply it to anything from gamification in education or company onboarding to gamifying HR activities.

Game styles such as trivia, raffles or puzzles are a fantastic way to bring classic party games into the office. They ultimately enhance engagement, increase general knowledge and create tight-knit work teams.

Work trivia games: how they work, the benefits & how to use them

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Online trivia games have been increasingly popular because of the ability to virtualize them on mobile devices. Virtual trivia games are currently bringing in $250 annually and this figure is expected to multiply to $318 million in 2027—telling us that virtual trivia is quickly gaining traction.

Work trivia night gaming is popular because it helps bring coworkers together through a fun and interactive competition where they get to know each other better.

Having the feeling of intra-office closeness is especially important for remote teams. Trivia strengthens online team communities and makes them feel close, even if they are not always physically together.

How work trivia games work

Virtual work trivia is very similar to in-person trivia held at a bar or live event, only it’s played online through gamification software. Think of it as being at a virtual pub during a never-ending virtual happy hour with your colleagues.

Here’s how to make a trivia game:

  1. First, you sign up for code-free gamification software like Adact that helps build unique trivia games specifically for your team.
  2. Next, choose a topic. There are many enticing trivia categories to choose from—such as movie, company, pop culture or holiday trivia. The sky’s the limit!
  3. Then, form relevant questions and correct answers based on each category. You can format the answers as multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank or even open-answer responses.
  4. Finally, you can host your team-building event using Adact video and multiplayer trivia games by reading the questions and answers aloud or playing 100% online through a shared platform like Zoom or Google Meet.

There you have it, your personalized virtual happy hour trivia in just a few steps.

Benefits of work trivia games

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Using multiplayer trivia games and building smaller teams encourages people to work together to win. The virtual team can consist of people commonly working together or staff who may not know each other well.


The workplace is always more fun with a little healthy competition. When coworkers productively compete against each other, they form a stronger bond. The fighting spirit of competition is perfect for motivating people to do better and succeed both in and out of the office.


Use virtual team trivia to increase communication amongst coworkers and management alike. Building a solid company culture that retains employees is based on how well each member communicates and how happy they are in the workplace. Fun games can help with that happiness and be the perfect outlet for teams to express themselves.

Work trivia games are for everyone. No individual is left out, even if they may not yet feel a strong connection to their team members at work. Use the next game night to introduce new team members, bring a remote team closer or gamify corporate training

How to use work trivia games

You can easily apply themed trivia at work to many aspects of a business. One good example of using games in virtual meetings with a video conferencing service. Another viable option is to incorporate trivia in the onboarding of new staff.

It may even be helpful to let staff organize their virtual trivia championship some nights. A virtual trivia party can be just what they need to put the fun and excitement back into their workweek. This motivating burst of energy should lead to higher engagement and productivity, making it a win-win situation!

Fun work trivia games you can try

1. Company trivia

Start your virtual trivia night with quizzes that challenge your team’s knowledge of the company. How well does the staff know the business that they work for? Company trivia gives an inside look into who was paying attention during the onboarding experience!

Work trivia games: Company trivia

Example questions:

  • Who is the founder of company X?
  • How many employees work for company X?
  • How many branches does company X have worldwide?
  • In what year was company X founded?

2. Coworker trivia

Trivia knowledge is not limited to facts about common knowledge or the business itself. Coworker trivia is one of the best online trivia games to help teams become familiar with each other on a more personal level. 

Work trivia games: Coworker trivia

Example questions:

  • What is employee X’s favorite hobby?
  • How many kids does employee X have?
  • Where is employee X originally from?
  • Where did employee X study?

3. Movie & TV show trivia

Netflix and other streaming services have made movie and TV shows highly relatable themed categories for workplace trivia. Keep up with all the latest streaming trends and get your team excited to answer questions about their favorite movie. You can add a classic business-themed sitcom with ‘The Office Trivia’.

Work trivia games: Movie trivia

Example questions & answers:

  • What is Pam’s husband’s name in ‘The Office’? Jim Halpert
  • Who is the highest gross-paid actor of all time? Samuel L. Jackson
  • What is the title of the first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Iron Man
  • What is the most-watched Netflix TV show? Stranger Things

4. Music trivia

Music trivia is a popular employee engagement game because most of us love music. From classic rock and today’s pop to country or reggaeton, teammates are bound to know facts about their favorite artists or genres.

Work trivia games: Music trivia

Example questions & answers:

  • What was Elvis Presley’s first hit? Heartbreak Hotel
  • Rock band AC/DC originated from what country? Australia
  • What is Eminem’s real name? Marshall Mathers
  • Who is referred to as the queen of pop? Madonna

5. Sports trivia

Sports trivia is one of the most popular trivia categories to play online. This one is for the sports fanatics in the office. Whether your team has die hard fans or secret sports admirers, this game will surely bump up the competition and the fun.

Work trivia games: Sports trivia

Example questions & answers:

  • Who is the athlete with the most Olympic gold medals? Michael Phelps
  • What country won the first world cup in 1930? Uruguay
  • Who is the highest point-scoring NBA player in history? LeBron James
  • Who holds the record for the most women’s singles titles in the Australian Open? Serena Williams

6. Geography trivia

Let’s be honest, many international teams may not know where their coworkers live, let alone be able to point it out on the map. Geography multiplayer team trivia games can bring insight into world culture and challenging locations and further familiarize your team members.

Work trivia games: Geography trivia

Example questions & answers:

  • What is the largest desert in the world? The Sahara Desert
  • What is the capital of Italy? Rome
  • Where is the tallest mountain in the world? Nepal
  • What is the world’s most spoken language? English

7. Pop culture trivia

A pop culture trivia game is a fun technique to discover what each team watches online, who they follow on social media or what trends they swear by. Get everyone talking about entertainment, famous influencers or even celebrity real estate.

Pop culture trivia

Example questions & answers:

  • Who is the most followed person on Instagram? Cristiano Ronaldo
  • When was the first Harry Potter book published? 1997
  • What is Kim Kardashian’s oldest child’s name? North
  • What does “smh” stand for? Shake my head

8. Science trivia

On the more academic side of things, science trivia can be one of the best trivia games to play that gets your staff thinking. Since science is based heavily on unwavering facts, you can use software like Adact to have premade trivia quizzes handy. The video trivia game style can add to the fun and be more engaging.

Science trivia

Example questions & answers:

  • Who was the first to walk on the moon? Neil Armstrong
  • What are the three states of matter? Solid, liquid & gas
  • How many planets does our solar system have? Eight
  • Who created the light bulb? Thomas Edison

9. Technology trivia

Most businesses rely heavily on technology, making much of tech data common knowledge in the workforce today. Technology trivia covers history, innovation and the latest tech trends to keep everyone up-to-date and on their toes.

Technology trivia

Example questions & answers:

  • What country has the most internet users? China
  • Who founded Google? Larry Page & Sergey Brin
  • What year was Apple created? 1976
  • What does Fn mean on the keyboard? Function

10. History trivia

Where are all our history buffs at? A history trivia quiz is equal parts challenging and interesting. No company trivia night can go without a few questions about what events shaped the world we live in today.

History trivia

Example questions & answers:

  • What year was the US Declaration of Independence signed? 1776
  • What is the largest empire in history? The Mongol Empire
  • How old was Queen Elizabeth II when she became queen? 27
  • What was the capital city of the Inca Empire? Cusco

11. Political trivia

Politics—perhaps the most controversial topic of conversation worldwide. Many options exist, but we prefer to stick to the facts with 100% proven political trivia quizzes.

Political trivia

Example questions & answers:

  • What does the letter “G” in “GOP” stand for? Grand
  • Where are the NATO headquarters? Brussels, Belgium
  • Who was the only US president to earn a degree in PolySci? Woodrow Wilson
  • What is the minimum age to be a US president? 35

12. Food trivia

This category is for all the foodies out there! Who doesn’t like a virtual trivia game as delicious as food trivia? Cuisine brings different cultures of people together more than any other category on the list. Virtual pub trivia would not be as fun without it.

Food trivia

Example questions & answers:

  • What food is used to make hummus? Garbanzo beans
  • What is the world’s most famous soft drink? Coca-Cola
  • What is the most expensive spice in the world? Saffron
  • Which food was first eaten in space? Applesauce

13. Nature trivia

Learning new facts about the world around you always lightens spirits and inspires a sense of freedom among trivia players. Nature trivia encompasses questions about animals, mountains, oceans and similar.

Nature trivia

Example questions & answers:

  • What is the name of a giant wave caused by underwater earthquakes? Tsunami
  • Steve Irwin was killed by what animal? Stingray
  • What animal kills the most people every year? Mosquito
  • What is the nickname of the mineral pyrite? Fool’s gold

14. Holiday trivia

As we all know, there are a variety of holidays celebrated around the world in different cultures, religions and regions—but virtual trivia includes them all! Holidays trivia questions can lighten the mood in the workplace and remind people of some of their favorite times of the year.

Holiday trivia

Example questions & answers:

  • Which country celebrates Boxing Day? Australia
  • In what country do they celebrate the Day of the Dead? Mexico
  • When is St. Patrick’s Day? March 17th
  • What holiday is only celebrated in North America? Thanksgiving

15. Health trivia

The best practices in employee engagement involve assuring that employees are physically and mentally healthy. Health trivia can help make that happen by providing helpful information they may not have known. After all, a healthy employee is an attentive one.

Health trivia

Example questions & answers:

  • What system of the human body starts with “L”? Lymphatic
  • What active ingredient in NyQuil acts as a pain reliever? Acetaminophen
  • In which decade did the first heart transplant take place? 1960’s
  • What is a normal body temperature in Fahrenheit? 98.6 degrees


Work trivia games are bound to strike up excitement within your team, regardless of your chosen category. You can improve virtual meetings, video conferences and everyday office life with a memorable happy-hour trivia game.

The correct answers could teach team members about each other and the company all at once. Sign up today to create your virtual trivia games to spice things up and get employees’ heads in the game!

Work trivia games: FAQs

What is workplace trivia?

Workplace trivia is a fun game that coworkers and teams play at work to compete with each other and connect in a fun way. These games are great for team building and allow colleagues to get to know each other in an entertaining and relaxed manner.

How do you run a trivia game at work?

There are two common ways to run office trivia. One simple way is to use a mobile trivia game or maker. Using virtual trivia maker apps, the team leader would share a random trivia generator on their screen for the whole team to see and play together. Another option is to play trivia online with software like Adact. This is known as a virtual trivia game or remote trivia.

What are some good trivia questions for work?

Work trivia games can have various categories, including movie trivia, sports or music trivia. The game could also include office trivia with questions like:
1. What is the company logo?
2. How many locations does our company operate in?
3. Who is the company founder?

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