Trivia Builder

Trivia Builder is an exclusive solution to Adact and no other software allows you to build a more comprehensive and unique Trivia experience.

With a Trivia Builder you can create the most varied, unique and interesting trivia games on the market. Every question in the trivia game can be of any other questionnaire type game. For example:

  • Question 1: Swipe question where users swipe left or right to guess if the answer is true or false
  • Question 2: Picture reveal question where pieces are removed from the image to guess what’s behind
  • Question 3: Free text question

At the same time every question can be an Image question, Video question, Audio Question or a Text Question.

There is no limit to unique trivia games for marketing or HR you can build using the Adact

Trivia Builder is available with the Adact Full License.

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