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[Updated 2024] Top 6 Gamification Software to Improve Marketing Campaigns

Have you ever wondered what makes Tinder so popular? Is it that you get to choose from various options that never seem to end? Or does the swipe left / swipe right dynamics keep you hooked to the screen?

In this article, we will dive deep into all possibilities that gamification software offers and show you our selection of the top 6 tools to try.

Let the game begin!

B2B marketing
Case Study

Using gamification in B2B marketing and development: myth or reality?!

How can you gamify serious business engagements? How do you do it cost-effectively? Is it even worth the effort?

1. We run a B2C campaign, which gives us 10.000 leads and each of them will bring in 100 euros. That’s 1M.
2. We run a B2B campaign, which gives us 100 leads and of them will bring in 10.000 euros. That’s still a million.

Case Study

Gamification Marketing Highlights: Successful Case Studies

2022 was a year full of amazing gamification campaigns, and companies across different industries. From e-commerce and wholesale stores to HR, companies used gamification to achieve different objectives and met their goals. In this article, we will highlight some of the most intriguing and effective campaigns from the past year, and take a closer look at what made them successful.

New Functionalities on gamification marketing platform Adact

New and exciting functionalities at Adact!

Adact has rolled out several new functionalities, including leaderboard placement, prize pool, and more, to enhance the user experience. Check out the blog post to learn more.

New game: Bubble shooter

New Game – Bubble Shooter

Ready to bring back the 90s? We are talking about a new, intriguing arcade game here! It is called Bubble Shooter and you will love it. Give it a try right now!

New game type - Multiplayer Trivia

New game type – Multiplayer Trivia

A game that is just like regular trivia, but with an added element of competition with your friends, colleagues or within the community. You guessed it! It’s multiplayer trivia!

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