Father’s Day Campaigns: 8 Creative Advertising Ideas to Use

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Fathers day campaigns

The year 2023 is still warming up, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start planning Father’s Day campaigns. The holiday dates back to 1910, when the state of Washington first celebrated it. But it took Father’s Day 62 more years to become the national holiday in the US. 

The event takes place on the third Sunday of June in the US, which means you have enough time to prepare for this year’s Father’s Day. But if you run a business in Europe, you need to act quickly because the holiday takes place on March 19, St. Joseph’s Day. 

A report shows that Father’s Day consumer spending reaches $20 billion. We came up with eight Father’s Day marketing ideas that you can use to impress all those dads, grandpas and uncles in your community. 

Let’s take a look!

8 advertising ideas for your Father’s day campaigns

Brands can plan their marketing calendar for 2023, starting from St Valentine’s and ending with the next Christmas campaign . With that in mind, here are eight campaign ideas to round up your Father’s Day marketing strategy and make it more effective.

1. Dad gift guide

The first option is to create a selection of products you think dads would love. You can put Father’s Day gift ideas in a special gift guide, showing customers what they can buy for their beloved fathers and other daddy figures.

Dad gift guide
Image: Source

The Little Market does a fine job with its Father’s Day marketing campaigns. Each year, they come up with a comprehensive gift guide to assist customers in picking the perfect present for their dads.

They don’t just show you a catalog of products like the average eCommerce business. On the contrary, they inspire you to join the Father’s Day campaign through emotional storytelling. You can do the same thing—wish your customers a happy Father’s Day with a set of truly meaningful gifts. 

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2. Branded games for engagement

With Adact, you can design many types of Father’s Day marketing campaigns with gamification elements. It’s a powerful tool to boost user engagement. These kinds of games are also the main reason why the global gamification market should register a CAGR of 26.5% until 2027. 

A multiple-choice quiz

You can launch a multiple-choice quiz with funny and personalized Q&A solutions. Here’s an example of one such quiz:

Dad multiple choice quiz

Word games

You can also create a Father’s Day marketing campaign using word games. It’s a cool way to design interactive promotions.

Fathers day wordle

Guess who with famous dads 

People love celebrities, so you can design a custom Guess who game with famous dad puzzles. Another idea would be to create puzzles with celebrity dads.

Famous dads guessing game

Gift battles

Another solution is to launch gift battles. The idea is simple—give users a couple of options, and let them choose a perfect gift. 

Dad gift battle

Adact gives you over 30 campaigns to choose from. You can play with different elements and develop a branded Father’s Day campaign that suits your brand and target audience. All those minigames can boost your marketing this year.

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3. Photo or video contest

A Father’s Day photo or video contest is another way to make the event more memorable. You can invite followers to share both happy and sad memories with the hashtag you choose. Then vs. now photos or videos proved to be one of the best customer engagement strategies.

For example, Waterway Point organized this kind of Father’s Day marketing campaign to encourage fans to share their memories. The campaign produced some breathtaking content and emotional comments that most fathers found appealing.

Fathers day campaigns photo contest
Image: Source

4. Sharing love

Here’s a simple but interesting idea—why don’t you encourage customers to write about their dads, their funny stories and virtues? This way, you will promote more user-generated content and put some of the most inspiring stories in the spotlight.

It’s possible to take this Father’s Day campaign a step further through video messages. That’s what Tesco did a few years ago, and the campaign generated thousands of views, reactions and social media shares. Do you think you can pull it off like that?

Sharing love with Fathers day campaigns
Image: Source

5. Influencer marketing

Who doesn’t love a good influencer? With Father’s Day marketing campaigns, you can team up with influencers to spread the message in an authentic way. It’s an easy solution to raise awareness and enrich your holiday campaigns.

One option is to create content with influencers and their fathers. It will be fun and interesting for your audience who wants to learn about other dad-and-son relationships. But if you need more inspiration, take a look at SheaMoisture Men as an example. 

They took a slightly different approach, celebrating Black fatherhood in partnership with Kareem James. It’s an excellent example of how you can approach the Father’s Day marketing campaign from a slightly different angle. 

Influencer Fathers day campaigns
Image: Source

You can use Father’s Day to produce helpful father-related content in the form of guides and tutorials. You can ask other dads or celebrities to give tips for the best Father’s day activities, camping spots, workout or shaving tips—anything related to your brand. 

Dad travel tips
Image: Source

Take a look at Carhartt’s Father’s day campaign:

Inspiring dad stories
Image: Source

7. Email marketing

Email may not seem like a perfect channel for creating Father’s Day ads, but it will help you reach out to almost every customer out there. After all, as of April 2023, almost 4.2 billion people in the world use email.

Airbnb realized the potential of emails for Father’s Day advertising, so they launched a nice ‘Where will Dad go first’ campaign. The point is to surprise your dad with something special and unexpected, just like Airbnb did. 

Email Fathers day campaigns
Image: Source

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8. Special Father’s day offers

Finally, you can celebrate Father’s Day using promotions and special offers. It’s a convenient option for last-minute shoppers who don’t have time for alternatives. These marketing campaign ideas can include the following:

  • Discounts
  • Free shipping
  • BOGO (buy one get one) deals
  • Referral programs
  • Giveaways
  • Checkout gifts

Lush is a great example here—the company regularly hosts Father’s Day giveaways and special bundles to attract customers. They also run a loyalty program, offering rewards for customers who make purchases regularly.

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Every brand should help customers get a perfect gift for their fathers. Father’s Day is your opportunity to engage customers while building relationships with your target audience. 

Adact can help you launch branded campaigns with gamification elements. Are you ready to give it a try? Book a free demo now to learn how Adact can help you take Father’s Day marketing to the next level!

Father’s day campaigns: FAQs 

How do you promote Father’s Day?

You can promote Father’s Day by organizing special events or activities. Other options include designing a dad gift guide and placing a Father’s Day ad, branded games, photo contests, email campaigns and special offers.

What sells most on Father’s Day?

The most popular Father’s Day gifts are typically clothing, electronics and gift cards. Other popular gifts include books, magazines, DIY tools, hardware supplies and automotive accessories. 

How do you make Father’s Day more inclusive? 

A nice way to make Father’s Day more inclusive is by going beyond the stereotypes. You can do this by showing more than traditional types of families or behavior. For instance, you can create offers for same-sex marriages or daddies who are into fashion, housekeeping or similar.  

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