4 Reasons to Create Quizzes for Marketing & a Step-by-step Guide

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Why and how to create quizzes for marketing

In a world of shorter-than-ever attention spans, how do you grab (and keep) your readers’ interest? The answer is pretty simple, though maybe not obvious – gamification. 

Quizzes for marketing yield more focus, engagement and conversion than standard marketing strategy methods. With the gaming industry valued at over $200 billion, their popularity shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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Keep reading to find out how marketing quizzes can help you grow and, more importantly – how you can make one yourself and turn your website visitors into more leads.

What is gamification marketing?

Gamification marketing uses elements of game design and mechanics to make marketing campaigns more interactive and engage customers.

Gamification marketing

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This marketing approach makes the user experience much more exciting by introducing gaming concepts, such as points, badges, levels, leaderboards, etc., into campaigns.

Branded games and quizzes aim to create a more immersive and enjoyable experience while achieving business objectives. This approach paints a particular amiable image of you, increasing engagement, brand loyalty and customer retention.

You can apply gamified marketing to pretty much all areas of marketing, such as advertising, social media, loyalty programs, customer service or even right on your home page.

Quizzes for marketing: Level up

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Why use quizzes for marketing?

Online quizzes have been around for quite some time – you could assume they’re as old as the internet itself and you probably wouldn’t be wrong.

Don’t tell us you haven’t filled at least one or two of them yourself. Maybe you were eager to find out which pizza topping or Disney movie best matches your personality. We won’t judge.

Well, it turns out, interactive quizzes aren’t just fun – they’re also one of the most underrated moves you can make in your digital marketing strategies. Here are four reasons to incorporate them in your next campaign:

Audience insights

An online quiz is a perfect tool for asking your audience questions that will provide valuable data for your company.

Their answers will help you tailor your marketing messages to better meet their needs and preferences. Base your product development and business strategy on this to be sure your offer aligns with your audience’s interests.

It will be much easier to efficiently reach your target market when you already have their contact info and know their “ideal style”, “perfect skincare routine” or even “celebrity match”.

Depending on what you’re selling, you’ll be able to send them customized recommendations that fit their results.

Increased engagement

Offer your customers a break from the boring old, typical marketing content they’re exposed to daily, online and offline. Just make sure your quiz format and questions feel like a lighthearted game, not a school test.

Quiz takers tend to spend drastically more time on your page and are more likely to click through to other content, especially if it’s connected to their results.

Quizzes for marketing for engagement

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Quizzes are also often sharable, which helps to increase your brand’s reach and exposure. They shape a message and a vision around what you provide and how you differ from your competitors.

A fun way to connect

Games are an invaluable addition to your marketing strategies as a way to connect with your customers or audience and build brand awareness. When they’re well-designed and relevant to your brand, they help establish a positive and memorable connection with your target audience.

Adact game

Lead generation

The best and most popular way to generate new leads with quizzes is to gather contact information from participants in exchange for their results or the chance to win a prize. Adding lead generation forms is a powerful way to build your email list and capture leads for a personalized drip campaign.

How to create quizzes for marketing

Define your goal

Do you want to:

  • Educate your audience about a topic related to your brand? 
  • Generate leads? 
  • Drive more sales?

Start by brainstorming the main purpose of your marketing quiz to make sure it fits your content marketing strategy and overall business goals.

Quizzes for marketing: Defining goals

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Craft a compelling headline

In his 1963 book Confessions of an Advertising Man, David Ogilvy observes that five times as many people read the headline as the body. He compares headline writing to 80% of your total advertising spending. While times have changed significantly, headline importance has not. Actually, it’s common knowledge that attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.

So, what makes a great title? Here are some aspects you should include:

  1. Focus on one most significant fact or feature.
  2. Keep it short – around 8-12 words.
  3. Make sure the most important keywords are at the beginning so they’re always visible.
  4. Reduce the number of prepositions – use punctuation instead.
  5. Spend time playing around with alternative wording and phrases.
  6. Throw in a pun, joke, alliteration or a highly relatable concept for good measure.
  7. Add “actually” to turn any question into a challenge.

Choose gamification software

Adact is the #1 gamification software for this. It can help you make your website interactive by creating fully customizable quizzes and other experiences – from raffles to competitions. All without writing a single line of code.

Adact dashboard

With more than 1000 published campaigns to date, we know exactly what Adact can offer you. Here are the average results:

  • About 4000 unique leads per campaign
  • 10-25% bounce rate
  • 20 or more engagements per participant
  • Over three days of returning participants
  • 96% completion rate
  • 60-second engagement rate

Choose your interactive quiz type

There are over 40 unique gamification marketing campaigns to choose from with Adact. Make your interactive experience fit your own – and your customers’ – needs with one of the following options:

Adact campaigns

Adact is the only place where you can set up a highly customizable multiple-path quiz. That means that each next question can be different, depending on the previous answer of each quiz taker. It’s up to you to choose which answer corresponds to which possible result or the next question.

If that sounds too complicated, we’ve got you covered with a more in-depth tutorial you can find right here.

Need inspiration on what marketing quizzes or games to make for your brand? Take a look at Airbaltic airlines, who created a trivia quiz about Dubai to promote that travel destination, with 41,393 visits to the campaign and 85% of players finishing the game from start to finish!

PHOTO: Screenshot of the Airbaltic campaign

The EKSL (Estonian Insurance Association) quiz proves that you can use gamification in any niche. They created a personality quiz to increase awareness about life insurance and achieved a 97% completion rate!

EKSL campaign

Customize your quizzes for marketing

A great quiz is irresistible to complete. We all know the best way to grab attention is through beautiful visuals. So, take some time to polish that quiz design. Add images and change elements to better fit your brand.

With Adact, you can:

  1. Change the game’s background color or set your own branded image as a background
  2. Modify the grid box design, as well as the letter color and font
  3. Customize the quiz results/feedback page and redirect players to different pages based on their results
Quizzes for marketing: Customization options

Add a leaderboard to your quizzes for marketing

A leaderboard is incredibly useful in encouraging competitiveness among your audience. They’ll likely spend more time on your game or quiz to outdo others. Bonus points for you if they can invite friends and see their results.

Our gamification software allows you to add leaderboards to any competitive campaign featuring a scoring system.

All it takes is a few simple steps:

  1. Go into the Campaign visuals and content section, Registration form and Fields.
  2. You’ll see a field called “Leaderboard name”, which you want marked.
  3. Add a Leaderboard section in the content section.
  4. Edit the Leaderboard button in any way you like.
  5. Keep in mind, leaderboard names aren’t stored until you publish the campaign.
  6. To change the design of the leaderboard, go to “Campaign”, “Extras” and “Leaderboard”.
Quizzes for marketing: Adding a leaderboard

Publish and share your quizzes for marketing

With Adact, you can easily publish the personality quiz or knowledge test you’ve created. Use the Adact.me domain to do it or, if you prefer, copy the code to integrate it into your own website. You can put it on landing pages, blog posts or newsletters!

Quizzes for marketing: Publishing

Analyze your quiz gamification campaign

Once your quiz is live, don’t just leave it there. Remember to track and analyze the results it brings. Track metrics like the number of quiz completions, shares, leads and conversions.

With the collected data, you’ll be able to optimize your quiz and improve future gamification campaigns. More than that – you’ll be able to track progress and monitor your company’s growth.

See also our guides on:


Quizzes are our favorite way to engage with prospects, find new ones and convert passers-by into more leads and customers. Follow our guide on creating successful quizzes for marketing and watch your sales cycle accelerate.

Adact gives you so many campaign gamification options it’s hard to choose just one. To start with, think about what would resonate with your brand and customers the most. Would it be better to have something fun and competitive or educational?

Take a look at our case studies to get inspired about what you can use for your company. And sign up for free 14-day full access while you’re at it!

Quizzes for marketing: FAQs

What are quizzes in marketing?

A marketing quiz is a type of interactive content that helps businesses connect with their audience in a more personal, fun way. At the same time, they help you gain valuable insight into your existing and potential customers.

Are quizzes effective for marketing?

Quizzes can be super effective for marketing when done correctly. They engage customers and encourage them to spend more time on your site while building brand awareness and loyalty. Marketing quizzes are also the perfect way to obtain contact information and learn about preferences, interests and behavior.

How do you make a marketing quiz?

You can easily create, build and manage your own quiz with Adact without coding skills. We’ve already included a step-by-step guide in the article for you to follow.

How can I make marketing fun?

Interactive marketing quizzes are a great way to achieve this – but not the only way. Other methods include using: memes and humor, storytelling, different types of visual content, incentives like discounts and freebies, lotteries, advent calendars, raffles and competitions or scavenger hunts.
Just make sure to keep it in line with your brand personality, values and message, as well as your target audience’s needs.

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